BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
browser_searchAdd basic support for searching in file browser.Chris Taylor6 years
debuggingChange debugging stuff so that it appends to the file, and so that is alsoChris Taylor6 years
masterCode refactoring.Chris Taylor5 years
0.1.12-1commit 882f5eeab0...Chris Taylor5 years
0.1.12commit 882f5eeab0...Chris Taylor5 years
0.9.11commit d709dcaca9...Chris Taylor6 years
0.1.10acommit 0141cd8289...Chris Taylor6 years
0.1.10commit 6df0429622...Chris Taylor6 years
0.1.9acommit 2a80ccaf58...Chris Taylor7 years
0.1.8commit 740deff1d2...Chris Taylor7 years
0.1.7commit 27b72dfd61...Chris Taylor7 years
0.1.6acommit 026e0a62c2...Chris Taylor8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2010-03-05Code refactoring.HEADmasterChris Taylor
2010-03-05Fix segfault and possible overflow.Chris Taylor
2010-03-05Fix possible overflow.Chris Taylor
2010-03-05Remove patch that is no longer needed.Chris Taylor
2010-03-05Fix segfault in playlist creation.Chris Taylor
2010-02-28Update to and release Taylor
2010-02-28Prepare for 0.1.12 release.Chris Taylor
2010-02-25Add some free statements and close the config file after opening it.Chris Taylor
2010-02-21Prepare for 0.1.12 release.Chris Taylor
2010-02-20Fix segfault when trying to use strlen against a song title that is NULL.Chris Taylor